Why Xavier Niel Free lance to attack the United States


preparing his long shot, but he had to accelerate its timetable. Society Xavier Niel, Iliad, made a bid to take over T-Mobile U.S., the fourth U.S. telecom operator. "Iliad submitted to the Board of Directors of T-Mobile U.S. an indicative bid for T-Mobile U.S.," said he formalized, following revelations of the Wall Street Journal.

Operation in which embarked Iliad is bold: French is two times smaller than T-Mobile Exchange ($ 16 billion, against 25 billion). In addition, the U.S. operator displays a heavy debt of $ 15 billion. Free achieved last year a turnover of 3.7 billion euros (approximately $ 5 billion), against $ 26 billion for T-Mobile.

Iliad has 15 billion in cash to acquire 56.6% of T-Mobile U.S. $ 33 per share. This enhances T-Mobile 26.7 billion. "The offer will be financed through a combination of debt and equity. Iliad has secured the support of leading international banks for the acquisition debt ", says Iliad. In this operation, Lazard advised Iliad, while BNP, HSBC and a pool of banks would provide funding for the operation. Installation is ready. Iliad conduct a capital increase of € 2 billion into debt and € 4 billion. Then he would bring that amount to a holding that borrow 5 billion euros remaining.

Iliad must now convince the shareholders of T-Mobile, the first of them, Deutsche Telekom, the relevance of its offer. Iliad had discussions with the board of T-Mobile in June, but he also talked with Sprint, the U.S. and number three mobile competitor. However, if the number reaches 3 room number 4, the U.S. market will be permanently locked. Free, eyeing for a long time the world's largest telecoms market, had to launch now. Export the model

How to convince T-Mobile to choose rather than marry Sprint whose bid is higher? Free offers $ 33 cash per share for 56% of the capital, when Sprint offers $ 40 per share for 50% of capital and exchange of securities remaining 50%. An offer of $ 30 billion. But this is a competition problem, because it would strengthen the U.S. market by operators from four to only three. A record shall be handed over to U.S. competition authorities in September, and the test may take time.

Meanwhile, Iliad arrives with an offer less financially but has the advantage of not a problem of concentration no fax payday loan.

Free, champion of the competition between four operators in France, posing in white knight T-Mobile. But to win, he must demonstrate that its offer creates value. Iliad considers that generate 10 billion merger synergies. No cross-border merger has managed to also identify significant savings. In fact, Free offers nothing less than to change the pattern of T-Mobile to make a low-cost operator in the image of Free Mobile.

The U.S. market is very lucrative. Giants, AT & T, Verizon and Sprint, there buxom realize margins close to 50%. Best, average per subscriber bills exceed $ 100, even $ 150 per month for Verizon. Only T-Mobile, as challenger, has launched a price war with a reduced $ 51 per month average bill. So, T-Mobile has won market share. He managed to attract new subscribers than its three competitors combined in the second quarter. T-Mobile had more than 50 million customers, against nearly 53 million Sprint, $ 116 million for AT & T and $ 104 million for Verizon. In contrast, T-Mobile has sacrificed his fallen to 20% margin. Because it is a low-cost operator with loads of traditional operators. Free considers itself able to significantly increase the profitability of T-Mobile. Hence the $ 10 billion of synergies.

"T-Mobile U.S. has successfully established itself in the market by positioning out that in many respects is similar to that of Iliad in France. "

Both operators alike. Moreover, Iliad emphasizes that "T-Mobile U.S. has become successful in this market positioning out that in many respects is similar to the Iliad in France." However, if Free takes over T-Mobile, it would not have the intention to blow the price as it did in France when it was launched in January 2012. In the United States, already accede to a base of 50 million customers. The challenge is to maximize profit. Remains to be seen what reception it will be given by U.S. giant AT & T and Verizon, who have no intention of being jostled.

For Free, the American adventure did not affect the development in France. The operator, who suffered an end of inadmissibility from Bouygues Telecom, continues to expand its network.

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The benefits of Airbus Group surged by 50% in first half

Airbus Group1 Wednesday released a net profit up 50% in the first half, to 1.14 billion euros, still supported by the activities of its main subsidiary Airbus and the European Group confirmed its forecast for sales 2014.Le revenues increased by 6% to € 27.2 billion, he said in a statement. Airbus Group further improved its profitability with an operating margin before non-recurring items was 6.5%, against 6.3% there is a an.Lire also: "Airbus cancels the order of its unique Japanese customer of A3802

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Klépierre swallows Corio Netherlands for € 7 billion

Land Corporation Klépierre1 announced Tuesday the acquisition of Dutch Corio for an enterprise value of € 7.2 billion. Transaction must give birth to the leading European real estate company with a combined market capitalization of 10 billion euros, say the two groups said in a statement commun.Selon the terms of the conditional agreement, shareholders will receive 1 small personal loans.14 Corio Klépierre title. The transaction has been approved by major shareholders of both groups. Synergies are estimated at 60 million euros. Quotations Klépierre and Corio are suspended on the Stock Exchange at the request of both companies, said a spokesman for Euronext.

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The state estimates that 28 billion assets of tax exiles regularized


hidden abroad1 accounts is confirmed to be a good deal for the state coffers. The Minister of Finance, Michel Sapin2, evaluated in the Journal du Dimanche to € 28 billion of assets held by French taxpayers abroad and "out of the shadows" through the applications for regularization of fiscaux3 exiles. "On July 25, 29,024 applications for regularization were recorded," says tenant Bercy, which states that the amount of the tax administration confessed assets is around one million euros per file. According to him, the taxes and penalties so collected in 2014 reached 1.336 billion euros that day against a billion in mid-June. And "the arrival rate of applications remains very strong." Three-quarters come from dormant accounts, mostly heirlooms. The pot comes


Switzerland The Executive welcomed: it is "almost certain to reach the goal," he had set for 2014 and "still have revenue in 2015," says Michel Sapin personal loans for bad credit. The pot, which comes to 80% of Switzerland is expected to reach 1.8 billion this year, a billion more than expected in the 2014 budget. There are a few weeks, the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, had indicated that the envelope would fund tax act 1 billion this year for the less affluent households.

The finance minister who welcomes "never once a transaction of this magnitude has occurred" – calls even when Taxpayers who have not yet declared their assets abroad to do so voluntarily "now." The government has no plans to close the cell. But if they want to regularize their situation, fraudsters will not schlep. Because, as we regularly reminds Bercy, automatic exchange of tax information between States "ramping up": 30 June 2016 at the latest within the European Union, in September 2015 with the United States . With other countries, the agreements could beings workforce in 2017


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Magnum wants to double its sales by 2020

 The Emperor

Eskimo luxury continues to conquer the world. Magnum just planted his staff in India, where it is sold since last spring to Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. This is the fortieth country is distributed flagship brand of glaces1 Unilever2 also group owner Cornetto, Carte d'Or and Ben & Jerry's.

Since 2008, Magnum was deployed in five new countries: Brazil (2008), United States (2011), and various countries in Asia, including China, Indonesia and Thailand (2012). This renewed geographic expansion has allowed Magnum to achieve a growth rate of 10% annually between 2007 and 2013. However, France remains the leading market Magnum (with more than 100 million sales year past, up 5%), followed by Germany, England, Italy and Australia. Worldwide, the growth rate of Magnum (more than 10% in the first half of 2014) are higher than those of Unilever ice branch.

This is proof that even in times of crisis, a premium food brand can succeed at the game Magnum, which this year celebrates its 25th years (and provides the opportunity for a limited edition silver color marc de champagne), "is sold at a price 20% higher than Cornetto in mature countries (up to 3.50 euros per unit Paris) and 100% higher in emerging, "says Sophie Galvani, the owner of Magnum world.

Starting again to attack new markets, the brand ended eight years of glaciation, during which global sales were stagnant. "The worldwide turnover amounted to € 1 billion in 2012, and we aim the 2 billion mark in the next five to six years," says Sophie Galvani. If Unilever product development more care and maintenance than on food, the group wishes to develop his finest nuggets such Knorr, Lipton and Magnum. Shops ephemeral

International expansion is not the only engine of growth recovery Magnum. The brand has evolved its advertising campaigns. "They are always focused on fun, but most of all on the dark side and guilty, as in 2009, says Sophie Galvani. We prefer to play on the bright and joyful part of the fun. "By abandoning the reference to sex, Magnum has also given way to seduce the American public

. The brand .. also put on its innovations, growing: new fragrances, minibatonnets, frozen appetizers, pots … In addition, Magnum opens each year over twenty ephemeral stores. One is located in the heart of London earlier this month. But it is more of a promotional tool than an additional distribution channel, such as Häagen-Dazs. To treat

promotion, Magnum invites at Cannes for two years, where its private beach on the Croisette attracts evenings films in competition. Not only because its sticks are also consumed in cinemas and pubs depict stars of cinema (Benicio del Toro, Eva Longoria, Kylie Minogue …). "This is one of the few events with such a global impact in America, Europe and Asia, summarizes Sophie Galvani. At the opening of the Festival, this year, we hit 55 million people on social networks within 24 hours. "

In its fight against the other premium ice cream, Magnum could attempt to dislodge Häagen-Dazs3 Roland Garros. The partnership with the FFT, which ensures high visibility to the brand of American General Mills4 arrives indeed expire this year.

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Live with her boss, a trend opposite to the housing crisis


Difficult to recruit someone who has housing problems … To fight against this phenomenon, more and more employers decide to offer a hosting solution for their employees. Bertrand Bailly is one of those bosses who have tackled the problem. Director of consulting firm Davidson, it has invested not less than one million euros to "buy and retype a ruined house" in Clamart, Hauts-de-Seine.

In October, the acquisition will be transformed into a sort of "campus", with shared spaces and apartments. To occupy the premises, nine employees become tenants at great prices 25% lower than the market. "In a profession where the turnover is crazy – 30% every year – we believe it is important to focus on the well-being of employees and serve them via devices and management of common sense" explained the entrepreneur AFP.

A real concern for businesses missing

Post, stress and recurrent delays … Problems related directly or indirectly to the employee housing is a real issue, which is more and more present and taken into account by companies: a study of the Research Centre for the Study and Observation of Living Conditions (Crédoc) published in 2012, we learn that 40% of institutions say they are affected these housing problems of their employees. If one quarter of them use first institutional arrangements (share housing, etc..), There is still 35% who are trying to find a specific solution to the problems of their society.

This is the case for example for Axon Cable company, located in Marne. To overcome these problems of housing, she rehabilitate a building thirty rooms. "It became necessary, no one would come if we do not have housing," says Bettina Francis, head of human resources. Maurice Valentine, an engineer of 24 years, is the tenant of his boss. And confirms: "This is an argument for the employer. This allows to install without buying cars and save because the rent is only 150 euros a month "… According to the Guidance for Employment Council (WCC), about 400,000 attempts to recruit are abandoned each year due to the housing crisis.  A problem that affects

enormously seasonal jobs

In the middle of summer, the problem is even more obvious. Estimated between 1 and 2 million, seasonal struggling to live. "We all have the same problem: I have a friend who just bought a hotel near Sète, he could not open for the season after failing to find staff," says Jacques Mestre restorer La Grande Motte (Hérault) for 41 years. After renting housing to its employees, he finally opted for another solution: a partnership between Umih (Union trades and hospitality industry) and Crous de Montpellier, which provides over 400 housing for workers between May and September.

But the trend is not to everyone's taste. "Because of the housing crisis, we see the OTC develop. This is a process that disturbs us greatly, "says Fabrice Angei responsible for housing issues to the CGT. He denounced a "return to the paternalistic philosophy of the nineteenth century, which allowed visual control at work and outside of work."

(With AFP). …….

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Time Warner complicates notices to counter Murdoch

The Board of Directors of Time Warner1 wants to set up barriers to call special meetings of shareholders, and prevent hearing initiative promoting the bid of Twenty-First Century Fox2.La last week Time Warner, owner, among others, movie studios Warner Bros. and cable channels HBO and CNN, has rejected an offer of some 80 billion Twenty-First Century Fox, owned by tycoon Rupert Murdoch Low fee payday loans.Jusqu here, Time Warner, also allowed some 15% of its shareholders to convene a special meeting. But, according to a notice filed Monday, the company intends to replace, at its General Assembly in 2015, other conditions for holding such meetings. ALSO READ: "CNN would 6-8000000000 dollars in case of resale by Time Warner3

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Tahiti pays $ 2.1 billion for a luxury resort

The French Polynesia wants to invest 2.1 billion euros in a large resort on the island of Tahiti, Papeete announced Saturday Flosse, president of the community of overseas territories. Regarding proposed development on coastline Punaauia, a common West coast of Tahiti, this is finally the project of a Hawaiian architecture firm Group 70 International, who won the local government, despite a much higher cost than its French competitors and chinois.Le "Tahiti Mahana Beach Resorts & Spa" (Mahana means day or sun, in Tahitian) provides hotels including five stars from March to June, a casino, a convention center structure inspired by the Polynesian plant braiding cinemas, luxury shops, a water park and sports fields. Innovations luxueusesUne tower 106 meters high, inspired by a traditional Polynesian sailing canoe, dominate the entire complex of 52 hectares, facing the sister island of Tahiti, Moorea, where we can admire the sunset soleil easy payday loans.Le complex include luxurious innovations like bubbles underwater spa with a view of the interior of lagon.Le sustainable development is one of the strengths of this project, according to the designers, with an air conditioning system SWAC by cold water from the depths of the ocean; but they also provide a sea embankment of 3.6 million meters cubes.L purpose of government is to make tourists stay in Tahiti, become over the years an island before transit destinations postcard are the Tuamotu Moorea, Bora Bora and above.Tourism is the first Polynesian economic sector, but he suffered from shortness of its source markets, the United States (2001 attacks and economic crisis) and France. Polynesia is capped at 173,000 tourists a year, against 250,000 five years earlier.

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French pensioners in Germany victims of a tax headache


enjoy his retirement, Charles finally chose Germany, where he worked the last fifteen years after spending his life in doing business in the construction industry in several countries. After a short stay in France between 2002 and 2005, and a time in Spain, he took the direction of Berlin in 2007. Prior to emigrate, he contacted the service tax non-residents. Its supplementary pension 1devra be declared in Germany, it has does one answer. But after seven years to pay in Berlin, he just received a French tax relief … "I was told that I would have falsely declared my income in Germany! The IRS also told me to turn to the German tax so that I get a refund of the overpayment! "He says angrily.

The tax rules have changed since the departure of Charles2. His case is not isolated since about 40,000 French pensioners live in Germany. And for them, Europe can turn the puzzle. The agreement between the two countries still plans to prevent double taxation. "It will take me years to get something. I am not moved to Germany to escape the French tax authorities. But now they treat me like a thief "irritated Charles. To add a key to the problem, the French supplementary pensions, which are regarded as private pensions are taxed at 14% instead of 7% for basic pensions. Action

with the European Commission

Being retired French Germany takes up the challenge of tax law. Despite the agreement between the two countries, inequalities remain. "It is on this example, it would work to support the Franco-German summit," said a diplomat paperless payday loans. But the subject is technical and inflexible German administration. The German tax authorities has claimed several years of taxes for French living in France but involving a German pension, without their benefit deductions related to their family status.

In its permanence in Cologne, Germany, the PS deputy of French foreign Pierre-Yves Le Borgn3 has seen many retirees. First recrimination: the difference in taxation between the basic pension and complementary, which are considered separate rate in Germany. To elect the additional income should be treated in the same way as the basic pension. "For smaller people, this represents a lot of money," argued Pierre-Yves Le Borgn. After several exchanges of correspondence with the German authorities, this is a form of denial he received.

At the European level, however, seemed to agree with him on the tax rate to apply. But the Germans refused to move until legally demonstration has not been made that an alternative is possible.

Side of the French Government, the PS deputy got no response. Faute de mieux, so he decided to file an appeal last month before the European Commission. This is the hard way. "In this fight, I feel a little lonely," he regrets turning to the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs. "We need a political arbitration. I did not get the hang of what I expected. The Franco-German, this can not be a top from time to time. "

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 Game of War, unknown mobile game that is going to raise $ 250 million


His name is perhaps not widely known, but he managed to make his place among the greats. Played daily by two million people, Game of War: Fire Age now ranks third in mobile games generate more money on the AppStore behind Clash of Clans 1and Candy Crush2. Garnering more than 600,000 daily dollars3, the developer, the Californian studio Machine Zone now attracted investors. According

Bloomberg4 Machine Zone is in talks with JPMorgan bank to raise $ 250 million. This round would value the company, based in Palo Alto, 3 billion. Is just above Zynga5, the inventor of Farmville, which is now worth 2.7 billion dollars, and a few notches behind the editor Candy Crush, King, valued at $ 6 billion. Launched in July 2013

on iOS and on Android smartphones and tablets in March, Game of War: Fire Age is a strategy game in which online the goal is to win wars to expand his empire. To do this, the player is encouraged to form diplomatic alliances with players around the world with whom he can talk in their language. The game ships indeed translation tools that allow players French, Finnish and Korean to understand and plan strategies.

$ 600 million in revenue

Game of War can be downloaded and played for free. But the player progression is greatly facilitated if bought with real money the currency of the game 660 gold coins worth 4 payday loan.49 euros and then a pack of 28,000 coins can be exchanged against 89.99 euros. If the past year, the number of downloads of War Game is fluctuating, the revenue generated by the game remains almost constant. The application therefore managed to retain its players and encourage them to regularly take out their credit card to rebuild their solid gold. The Wall Street Journal that 6avance Machine Zone is about to pocket $ 600 million in revenues throughout 2014

. A true success story for a company that originally created apps for dating sites. The shift to the video game was made in 2012. During a year and a half, a team of 80 people worked to create iOS Game of War, funded by a fundraising $ 16 million. "We did not follow the specifications of what must be, for many people, a mobile game," explained to Venture Beat Machine Zone 7The founder Gabe Leydon. "People say a game for smartphone should offer sessions short game. It was just the opposite. " The success of the application has enabled the company to launch the development of an Android version and run the game in Japan, Korea, and China soon. Today, Machine Zone employs over 150 people.

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