Televisions want the Sapin law applies to all market participants

 After the Union

advertisers (UDA), it is the turn of the National Union of television advertising (SNPTV) to step into the breach about business practices on the Internet. Its president, Robin Leproux, who is also Vice-Chairman of the Board of M6 Group in charge of business, calls the Sapin law, which requires full transparency on buying, applies "equally to all market players ", including new actors often intermediaries, which is sometimes accused of opaque practices. "This legislation is a valuable asset in the trust relationship between advertisers and media, says Robin Leproux. Everyone must comply. Avoid any risk of distortion of competition. "

Revenues governed TV Internet represented in 2013 a few hundred million euros over 3 2 billion turnover. "The digital offers opportunities for extension of our offering that combines the power of television to the interaction of the Web," says Robin Leproux. In double-digit growth, these new offers TV-Web are those that boost indeed now the commercial dynamics governed. Hence the focus on how the market structure, changing with the rise of the connected TV and prospects purchase programmatic space. Already

initiated between advertisers and the Union of consulting firms and media buying (UDECAM), discussions have also started between one side SNPTV and the Office of the radio (which brings together the main private radio boards) and other public authorities online pay day loans. Objective: the new players on the Web adapt to the legislation and not the reverse. Sectors prohibited

The SNPTV returns also the responsibility to demand the lifting of the ban on TV advertising in certain sectors, including film. "Producers are diverted from promoting their films created for websites pub," says Robin Leproux, who believes that the current rules belong to another era and it is therefore urgent to change. On the opening of the pub promotion distributors, SNPTV is more measured, saying that a relaxation of the law is desirable, while being aware of issues such liberalization for other media, such as newspapers regional, which traditionally receive announcements signs. Last

union's request: that the rules of TV shows sponsorship be modified. "The products advertisers are prohibited from passing through the trailers for the programs they sponsor, as slogans and other attributes of their brands, which is an aberration," said Robin Leproux hope that at least a fast consensus on this subject.

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Easter: the French go less far and cheaply


2013, the French who can leave Easter holiday will be even more vigilant about their spending. Involved? The average budget they allocate to this period fell by nearly 25% compared to last year, reveals the twelfth edition of the Barometer "The French and holidays" 1 made by the FIFG at the initiative of Mondial Assistance. In total, they spend 600 euros to their vacation plans. "This is the lowest budget since 2011, all holidays combined," says the study online March 27 and 28 to a thousand people.

As in previous years, the French are not likely to take a vacation. Only 23% of them will leave a few days, "a trend that moves in time" since they were 25% in 2012 and 22% in 2013. They are also 23% consider leaving on the occasion of bridges next May.  Results

they leave less far less time and most cheaply. This year, the French plan to go seven days on average, one day less than in 2013. 48% have from less than a week. A figure that continues to grow as they were 39% in 2013 and 31% in 2012 to short stays. Almost a holiday in three (31%) will book their stay at the last minute and 13% consult a website linking individuals to individuals.

Evolution of the average budget spent on French holiday since Christmas 2011 Source:. Twelfth edition of the Barometer "The French and the holidays," directed by Ifop at the initiative of Mondial Assistance

side destination, the French leave for most of them to the sea (37%) and countryside ( 25%). But overall, they stay mostly in France (70%). Nearly a quarter will spend a few days in a European country where only 5% of stays will be in Africa and Asia. Another revealing the accommodation envisaged. 40% intend to stay with the family members against 24% in 2013. This year they will also be less likely to opt for the hotel (21% against 25% in 2013).

The results of this study confirm the findings of another recent study by the firm Protourisme2: the holidays become a luxury for more and more French . Just 41% of them have spent at least one paid night away from home last year, against 45% in 2012, explained the specialist firm. Camping, apartments, hotels … Whatever type of accommodation, the number of overnight stays decreased over the past two years.

However, the French are not ready to abandon their vacances3. The original intentions for 2014 (4 Nights) back from 48% of French and 49%. Another positive for tourism stakeholders signal: the annual holiday budget per household rose again from 1978 to 2078 euros. But this will depend largely on the weather


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The worst food industry for 2014


"If the war continues prices1, there will be new restructuring plans in our businesses." Verdict of Jean-Philippe Girard, president of the National Association of Food Industries (Ania2 ) is final. The Ania not expected improvement in the economy in 2014 "if we can not stop the price war and to regain margins." Agroalimentaire3

The first industry in France (492,727 employees, 160.5 billion euros of turnover) could again lose this 4000 to 5000 jobs and 300 companies year, as was the case in 2013. Meat was particularly affected. "It is we who fund this price war that we do not want," said Jean-Philippe Girard. Headwinds

The battle between the brands of large distribution caused deflation in recent months on national brands. Between December (-0.5%, according to IRI, the institute that analyzes receipts supermarkets) and February (-1.6%), it has even accelerated. "The price war will kill one or two of them (distributors, Ed), provides new president Ania. We must get out of this spiral. " Other

"headwinds" facing the food industry, whose production declined last year (-2.2%), figure as the trend to higher commodity prices and volatility. Situation against the backdrop of sluggish consumption, which contributes to weakening business. A modest recovery

All these topics will be discussed on April 15 during maintenance qu'auront Ania and Coop France4 – representing cooperatives agricultural – as president. The goal is to "capture" Hollande "the urgency to act." We will also discuss the pact responsabilité5 the President of the Republic. "This is the schedule that we have a problem," said Jean-Philippe Girard, the sector is committed to create 90,000 jobs and hire 150,000 young alternately by 2017. Ania The expected Pact responsibility "favorable to the growth of our business requirements." It will also advocate for a "tax and regulatory stability" in France.

Only light at the end of the tunnel, the recovery of expected 2014 capital expenditures (+7%). "We feel a tremor. A modest recovery. It is fragile, "said the president of Ania, who remains convinced of the" resilience "of the industry.

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A building reserved for hypersensitive, a first in Europe


This is a first in Europe. The city of Zurich has just completed the construction of a building reserved for sensitive people. At first glance, this building located on the hills of Lake Zurich is like no other. But when visitors spend his doorstep, they must follow a number of rules: no smoking, wear perfume or use his cell phone.

These measures have been put in place to protect its residents, syndrome of building chemical sensitivity (MCS). This chronic and debilitating disease is characterized by sensitivity to chemicals: lotions, detergents, hair sprays, paints, etc.. Sensitivities may also be electromagnetic: it is then caused by the different electromagnetic waves given off by electronic equipment wirelessly.  

Headache, fatigue, dizziness, difficulty breathing, muscle and joint pain … The list of symptoms is long. "I suffer from my childhood, it will really change my life", told AFP a resident, Christian Schifferle, 59, head of Foundation Healthy Life and Living1 behind the construction project. Little recognized by conventional medicine, the MCS syndrome (which affects 5,000 people in Switzerland according to the city of Zurich) has so far been a living hell in Christian Schifferle before he moved into his new apartment. Especially since he also suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivity. "It weakens me, makes me anxious, I can not breathe, my lungs hurt me, and I'm dizzy," he explains.

A building that does not heal tenants

Built in December 2013 with financial assistance from the city, the building houses a dozen apartments no fax cash loans. They will not cure its tenants, but their lives will be much more enjoyable. "We wanted to help these individuals to have a home where they could be less sick," said a spokesman for the Housing Department of the City of Zurich, Lydia Trueb.

Anyone entering the building must turn off his cell phone and other wireless devices, which in any case do not work inside the phone. The people are not so far isolated from the world with a traditional phone line. The building has a common area with a filter purifying the air. The goal: that the air is as pure as the mountain.

"A good example is the cast. He does not feel, and this is very important for these people "

The architect Andreas Zimmermann, who designed the building

built with special materials, The new building also has a ventilation system that removes all odors. As a precaution, the workers who built the building could not smoke on the job, or even putting on perfume. "A good example is the cast. He does not feel, and this is very important for these people, "says architect Andreas Zimmermann, who designed the building. In addition, he says, a special "net" was built in the facade walls and roof to prevent waves and electromagnetic or electrostatic fields to enter. Nevertheless, despite the efforts, the result is not perfect for locals. Christian Schifferle judge that the workers have left traces of odors. But he is happy to be surrounded by people who suffer from similar ailments to his.

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Patterns ETI satisfied on principles, not on the tempo


LE FIGARO. – Manuel Valls confirmed the reduction target of EUR 30 billion in labor costs by 2016. Are you satisfied? Philippe D'ORNANO

-. I agree with the vision that puts the company at the center. It is positive and encouraging. But there is a paradox between the principles and the measures announced. We are the difference between the observation made in the French economy, and the timetable adopted. The CICE, we are talking about two years ago, will enter into action in the month of May. Similarly, the measures announced will not come into force this year, but in 2015, 2016 or 2020. Given the urgency where the French companies, the reaction should be faster.

Manuel Valls announced a device "zero expenses for employees the minimum wage." A good measure for the job?

This is the choice of short-term because it has an immediate impact on employment. But as a low-wage strategy is adopted, it is not something else. Not enough built an economy long term, based on skilled jobs, innovation, upgrading, which nevertheless ensures the competitiveness of France. We'll see low-skilled jobs grow, but France will lose substantially all others. The margin of companies is historically low at 28%, against 38% even in the early 2000s. The stock of robots is four times lower than in Germany, and two times lower than in Italy. You do not build the economy of tomorrow with a seat only on low wages policy.

The Premier has promised as relief loads up to 3.5 SMIC

…… True ….. but we are still far from the European average. Employer costs in France are twice the European average. Thirty billion relief loads, it is only a quarter of the difference between France and the European average. We advocate for a uniform and simple down to the French system is aligned with the European environment. Besides that we are talking about 2.5 minimum wage, minimum wage 3.5, thresholds … Where in all this, the long-awaited by businesses simplification?

The decrease in tax rate to 28% by 2020 and the elimination of C3S in the right direction? Lower

IS is good, but why wait for 2020? We always announces cuts to in 3 or 4 years. Business leaders are practical people, pragmatic. They have become very skeptical about promises. The surtax IS, which affects not only large groups but also many ETI should be temporary. It is recorded again! The removal of the C3S phase is between 2015 and 2017. I recall that the sectoral and local taxes in France represent 3.1% of GDP, against 1.4% in Europe. The government will certainly remove a part, but that does not even take us to the European average. Address the administrative yarrow is brave. It should be welcomed, as it is difficult. But it is vital if we want to fight for jobs and growth.

How will he finance all this?

The only way to fund relief costs is to recreate a dynamic. Not a demand dynamics, which we have seen failures, but supply dynamics. The goal is not to make "gifts" to companies, but to place them in a competitive position against their European competitors.

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Data mining, Caregiver, Owner … jobs of tomorrow today unknown

● "Data miner", "Data opener", "Data Scientist"

… In exploding with growth of connectés1 objects, data ("data") generate new business dedicated to their analysis2. They allow for example to model the "customer value", that is to say, the expected long-term customer potential, and propose timely and personalized offers. ●

"Social Media Analyst," "Social Media Strategist"

… for the job increasingly sophisticated appear around digital and social networks. "The webmaster is not the only" master "of the web display summarizes Didier Desert, partner at EY Advisory. This is too vague function for pure digital player like the great actors who convert everything is web today. Functions become much more sophisticated and specific, everything is affine. " ●

"Talent Acquisition", "develop Talent"

… The shortage of skills in the labor market, HR departments create new jobs dedicated to " talents "on how to identify, attract, integrate. Not to mention new items related to changes in standards on working time, diversity, employee savings, social modernization, etc.. ●

"Caregiver", "Social worker", "home care coordinator"

unsecured personal loans… The social economy and solidaire3 (Anglo-Saxons call " care ") booming already represents 10% of GDP. Correlated with aging and support for the elderly, these trades are rather found in the semi-public sphere and associations. ●

"Market Access"

The complexity of market forces to create new functions, more "chameleon", calling for action at the intersection of several spheres requiring great adaptability. "In the pharmaceutical sector, for example, increasing pressure from payers brings out the" Market Access ", ie an expert linking government, the medical community and marketing, to set a proper price the drug development, "says Didier Desert. ●


Another trend, increasing entrepreneurship, willing to work individually, as shown by the proliferation of "owner "," independent consultant "," independent distributor ", etc.. "It helps to find an alternative deal with unemployment, but it is also a way to accomplish in organizations that no longer hierarchical progression or salary offer," Judge Laurence Bret, Marketing Director Europe of LinkedIn Talent Solution.

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Vivendi SFR chooses to sell Numericable


marked the end of the game. In a statement fell early Saturday afternoon, the group claimed Friday will extend its reflection on the sale of its telephone operator SFR2 throughout the weekend, announced that the decision was made. The Supervisory Board of Vivendi decided "unanimously" to accept the tender Numericable and its parent Altice at the expense of Bouygues.

According to the statement, the Board of Directors of Vivendi decided "at the end of the eight working sessions as in camera in the presence of all councils (bankers and lawyers) "to assign the telephone company for 13.5 billion euros earned on completion of the transaction. An additional € 750 million could follow, as well as the possibility to sell its 20% thereafter. The transaction is valued at more than 17 billion euros. The group added that it will report the conditions under which the operation was conducted at the General Meeting scheduled on June 24 A careful examination


The group says it has accepted the offer to the industrial project is the most promising growth as creating value for customers , employees and shareholders, and best meets the objectives of Vivendi credit score. And if the discussions had become exclusive with Altice since March 14, the Board claims to have "made a careful examination of the tenders, as well as letters and documents that the Bouygues Group has taken the initiative to contact him during this period exclusivity, including up to date, for a merger between SFR and Bouygues Telecom. "

For despite its shelving, Bouygues3 did not give up trying to push through. The battle has even moved into the political arena. Montebourg4 Arnaud, Minister of Productive Recovery, has been threatening and denouncing the dangers of an assignment SFR Numericable, promising to pass a tax audit Patrick Drahi5 CEO. Raising three days later the supply of Martin Bouygues with support groups Pinault, Decaux, and the Caisse des Dépôts, will have no more effect on the final decision. As the last-ditch attempt, sent Friday, April 4 in the morning, deadline, and pushed counters € 15 billion, while officially offering Altice was blocked 11.85 billion.

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The bouquet of channels OCS has 2 million subscribers


William, the Director General of OCS1 can be satisfied. Wednesday night, the premiere of worship Game Of Thrones series held in Paris in the legendary Grand Rex has largely achieved its goal: to create the buzz and hysteria among fans. Clustered on the sidewalks, hundreds made the trip to discover the inaugural episode of season 4 and the three American players from the promotion of become a global cultural phenomenon series. The 2765 guests have left no folding seat free. From 19 hours on Twitter, the event generated more messages that match PSG-Chelsea and the change of government

. Pretty spotlight for OCS , which will broadcast 24 hours after the United States, from April 7, Season 4 Game of Thrones2. And even offer a dedicated application program.

Since its repositioning a year and a half, the bouquet of channels dedicated to cinema and premium series has managed to attract nearly 2 million subscribers. His presence on the Bbox Bouygues Telecom since early April should allow him to touch more. Negotiations are also underway with Free. The pool of potential subscribers is far from being dried for SCO already on Orange, CanalSat, SFR and Numericable. Next step be available directly on the Internet (OTT) by the end of the year. How to prepare for the arrival of Netflix? Netflix


"OCS is Netflix better ensures Guillaume Jouhet. It is a hybrid offering available from a TV, a mobile phone or tablet, whose contents are accessible to both live and on demand. "The highlight of the service is clearly based on the supply of new series, through established with the American channel HBO partnership. Fans can watch the last few seasons and Girls, Boardwalk Empire, True Detective or The Walking Dead.

But if he wants to continue growing, the bouquet of channels must now raise its profile, "a still weak point," admits William Jouhet. When the episodes are available in the wake of their distribution in the United States, can not disclose in advance the content to prevent leaks on social networks. "It's ultimately difficult to value benefit," he says. At the start, good time subscriptions, therefore OCS will try again to make the buzz. This time he will hold a preview about the next season of The Walking Dead3.

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Pierre Moscovici, the sacrificed, is now hoping to rebound in Brussels


Pierre Moscovici, who had yet strongly advocated his last days for his reappointment as head of the citadel of Bercy, will ultimately failed to retain his seat … But "it is serene "says does one in his entourage. Relieved that this period of uncertainty is over. And he spent a deal with François Hollande to be the next French candidate to the European Commission. A beautiful door. The president could even take soon speak publicly on the subject. Still

Pierre Moscovici pay today for not having been able to make its mark during the 22 months he spent in Bercy on national issues. First, because major reforms (the tax credit competitive employment, the pact of responsibility …) have been brought – in terms of communication at least – by the Head of State himself. Secondly, because the technical dossier (banking reform, the PEA-SMEs, creating Bpifrance reform of regulated savings …) are certainly important for the economy, but too few "sellers" to the general public. Finally, because the former minister has always been a point of honor not to communicate bang, unlike Arnaud Montebourg, his "brother enemy" 1 of Productive Recovery. Student

too smooth

What made him both a good student government not out of the line defined by the Elysee … but a student too smooth which ultimately passed unnoticed. He has always believed that this way of working was one of its strengths, as it allowed him to win in silence arbitrations high quality business cards. One of the rare moments when he has marked the spirit of French was when it was echoed at the end of summer 2013, the "ras-le-bol tax" of Francais2. An output that had displeased the head of state, causing a political and media tsunami.

And then there were international issues. Pierre Moscovici recognized it himself: European issues took him "more than half of his time" 3. The resolution of the financial crisis – particularly the cases of Greece, Cyprus, Ireland and Portugal – the Ecofin and Eurogroup monthly have largely monopolized, especially the first year. Always accompanied by the Director of the Treasury, Ramon Fernandez 4 – announced as CFO at Orange – the two men had been reduced to their journeys with Thalys!

The feat of arms of the former Minister of Economy is to have succeeded in Brussels a deadline until 2015 to bring the government deficit in France below 3% of GDP. Because France did not want there just one year, "added austerity recession" as the term is now devoted. Given the state of mind of Brussels, the operation relied on diplomatic interpersonal skills; and European Commissioner Olli Rehn gave him credit on the commitment of France to implement structural reforms. But this will obviously not enough.

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The middle classes bear the brunt of the reform of family allowances


The first effects of the decline in public spending on households, it is now. Most of the reform familiales1 allocations presented in June 2013, comes into effect in force on Tuesday 1st April. To redress the finances of the family branch of the social security system – 2.5 billion deficit last year – the government has involved families. By the end of the decade, 3.5 million of them will feel the effect of the austerity plan that will generate the latest estimates from the National Fund 1.54 billion euros in savings, according to family allowances. However, the government has upgraded family aid to poor too, with 400,000 "winners" in the key.

Because of the complexity of familiales2 aid, it is difficult to know which is among the biggest losers of the reform. First line, however we find couples raising more than three children. They lose an average of 790 euros per month. In addition, young families, made up of children between zero and three years suffer much. The cuts focus indeed largely on aid to early childhood. Finally, despite the will of the executive to "refocus benefits to families who need it most," 8% of the losers will be the poor households.

From the 1st of April, the basic allowance of Paje grant (early childhood benefit) is reduced by half for couples earning over 4000 euros for two instant payday loan. Only new parents are concerned. More than 200,000 families will be affected at the end of the ramp-up of the device in 2017.

The basic allowance of the homepage of the young child and the premium of birth and adoption are not revalued delivery, and up 'in 2016. This measure applies again, as new beneficiaries, affect 1.8 million families turn when full. The increase

184 euros per month supplement for free choice of activity, which benefits the most affluent parents (income of approximately 4500 euros per month for two children) is deleted for new parents from April 1. Nearly 50,000 families will be penalized and futures.

The family supplement will be increased, by 2018, 50% of parents of 3 or more children living below the poverty line. Nearly 428,000 families are found in this case. The family support allowance, paid to single parents, who have no or very little maintenance will be increased for its 25% share.

Note that 3qui family benefits are not affected by the cuts will be uprated by 0.6% from April.

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