Chinese rich dream of elsewhere

 Beijing Correspondent

The new "super-rich" Chinese put up with less of the atmosphere room in PR. According to a study by Barclays Bank, nearly half of them have plans to leave the country in the next five years, primarily to provide better opportunities for education and employment for their children.

The study found that the wealthiest Chinese are 47% want to leave the country within five years, against only 16% of Hong Kong, 20% Singaporeans and 20% of English. The rich more "patriots" are the Americans and the Indians, who are 6% and 5% respectively to want to try their luck in a foreign country. "In fact, most major Chinese fortunes are currently earning their money in China, according to Liam Baley, property firm Knight Frank LLP in London. They must stay close to their business, this may dissuade some to move too far cash advance. " Destination

Hong Kong and Canada

The rich want to leave China are 78% want to provide better education and better job opportunities for their children. 73% are looking for a better business climate and greater security and 18% go to have access to better medical care. They are 30% to take up residence in Hong Kong. Their second favorite destination is Canada (23%), according to Barclays.

The number of dollar millionaires continues to grow steadily in China.1: + 3.7% last year, according to Hurun publisher who makes a classification of Chinese fortunes. In the next three years, the People's Republic should have some 1.21 million millionaires and 73,000 "super rich," those whose personal fortune exceeds $ 16 million.

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To inflate sales, Darty and But try the store connected


"It takes all that was in line to put in the store." Briefly, Henri Danzin, co-president of the agency Oyez1, explained the concept of digitizing customer journey. Specialist in this field, his company team thirty outlets Darty2 but3 and stores, among others. In the case of Darty, kiosks are available to the customer in the store so it finds a product he had seen on the website of the sign, that section is present in the stock point selling or not. It may also seek assistance from a salesperson, who will seek with his individual shelf the item, and will send details of it on one of the screens that fit the aisles of point sale. The purchase and delivery order will be controlled from the shelf of the seller. A store

equipped with this type of device allows clients to access a number of far more important than in a conventional point of sale products available. "In this, the selling point is at what goes on shopping sites online. The company is able to provide an exclusive service: a real physical place with people who talk "explains Henri Danzin. Better customer satisfaction should logically allow the brand to increase its revenue, although the rate of transformation of interactive tools in the warehouse are complicated to estimate. However, the stores had reported on Purpose increase in revenues directly related to the digitization of 1.3% between the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013

The Work sellers impacted

If it is attractive to the customer and profitable for teaching, digitizing outlets, however, remains a delicate process: now feature a tablette4, sellers must change the way they work and collect extra work, at least the time to be trained payday loan lenders. The real challenge of this kind of project is the ability of the brand to communicate with its sales force. "Do not mistake the argument. What sellers want to hear is how they will earn more money. They need to open a real prospect of gain. Only in that condition that they adopt the tool very easily, "warns Henry Danzin.  At

Darty, now referred to as "connected stores" but the road has been long in coming to this level of performance. Launched in 2010 at Oyez for another client, the goal stores, while "management

" More and more start-ups begin to digitalization of outlets. This shows that a step was taken "

Henri Danzin, co-president of the agency Oyez general

the brand was looking for solutions to s' effectively install in city centers while providing the depth of the widest possible range ", explains Henri Danzin, digitizing the customer journey is not yet within the reach of all retailers. Despite the development of smartphones, which are "what was missing for retailers adapt to the Internet revolution," he complete. But customers are not lacking, and the digitalization of outlets is "today bringing the turnover of the agency," says the founder of Hear. And the market is promising. "In the future, this will be more simple and less expensive to install digital" predicts Henry Danzin. "More and more start-ups begin to digitize outlets. This shows that a step has been taken. "

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Beyonce and Jay-Z: Pharaonic their tour in figures

 It was

stage France.1 the diva and her husband put an end to their lap "On the Run2." Tour Jay-Z3 and Beyoncé4, which began in June, ends with two Parisian nights, Friday and Saturday. A tour-event that brought back a lot.

77,000 tickets for each evening in Paris

Parisian shows will be sold out assured in last weekend producer Live Nation, indicating that 77,000 tickets had been sold for Saturday and it was down to 2,000 on sale for Friday. The Stade de France will offer the "greatest configuration" of the tour, said the producer. 850,000 tickets were sold for the 19 North American concerts.

A ticket sold between 56 and 99 euros for a show of nearly three hours

.. This is the price to be to see the couple on stage for a show extravaganza of nearly three hours. Filmed for HBO, Parisian performance will be the same size as the 19 concerts in the United States and Canada between late June and early August, with more than 40 titles in the program, combining their respective directories. A

tour grossed over $ 100 million

According to Live Nation , the tour has been particularly lucrative with more than $ 100 million ticket garnered for a month and a half tour. According to the calculations of an expert in ticketing published on the website of Forbes, the tour "On the Run" would, with over 5 million generated by the show, the second most lucrative in terms of gross revenue per concert behind 360 ° Tour of U25 (110 concerts between 2009 and 2011, $ 6.5 million per show).  

175 million dollars in revenue between them over a year

"Queen Bey "dominates the last Top 100 célébrités6 established in late June by the Forbes magazine, with revenues estimated at $ 115 million (89 million euros) a year. Her rapper husband points to 6th place this year with $ 60 million (46 million) have experienced. According to this magazine, the fortunes of Jay Z, who has always cleverly link a coherent musical career (12 studio albums) and business, is estimated at about $ 520 million.

A collaboration that lasted


The first title of the couple's 03 Bonnie & Clyde, the 7th album from Jay Z. Other titles like Crazy in Love, Deja Vu, and Upgrade U Drunk in Love, Hollywood and Lift Off. The couple probably benefit of his last concert together to try to silence the incessant rumors séparation7, as he did in flaunting their daughter Blue Ivy Carter, at the MTV Video Music Awards in late August in the United States . Or by being arm in arm bedspread in recent days under the lens of photographers in Italy and Corsica, where Beyonce revealed in the 1990s with the group Destiny's Child, celebrated its 33 candles.

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Covenant thirty-three branches already traded, according Rebsamen

Labour Minister François Rebsamen1 announced Wednesday that "thirty to three branches" were engaged on negotiations under the pact of responsibility, following a meeting with 50 professional branches for an initial assessment. "This is 9 million people on just over $ 11 million that covers 50 branches now in place", welcomed the minister during a closing speech. The meeting, intended to speed up negotiations on the pact counterparties -40,000,000,000 euros in aid to companies in exchange for job creation of real estate investment and attracted just over 200 union and management representatives of the main 50 branches. Regretting that negotiations have not progressed in "certain branches -to this minoritaires-" François Rebsamen sent them another warning. The Medef2 was estimated at 47 the number of branches "already deployed", ensuring a score should finalize their discussions by the end of October. Then challenged by a union given the CFDT citing negotiations in only 20.

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Ferrari president would resign by the end of the year

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo1 resign probably towards the end of the year of the presidency of Ferrari2 because of a dispute with Sergio Marchionne, the CEO of the parent company Fiat3, said Monday two sources familiar with the matter. The two men are both present in the capital of NTV, the operator of the Italian high-speed train "Italo" .Montezemolo, Ferrari president since 1991, seeks to preserve the autonomy of Ferrati and caps sales 7,000 models a year to keep the exclusive nature of the marque.Marchionne wants rather more mainstream manufacturer in the Fiat group to make a breakthrough in the high gamme.Montezemolo, 67, was reappointed as President of Ferrari in March and he said since then several times he was ready to do even a term of three ans.Fiat holds 90% stake in Ferrari. "In my opinion, the differences between Marchionne and Montezemolo are irreconcilable," said one source. "His departure (Montezemolo) could occur by the end of the year" .Ferrari and Fiat have declined to comment.

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The energy prices will rise in the coming months


escaped to higher electricity prices in August, they will not be spared by increases in energy prices as they prepare for the fall. As announced in The Figaro1, regulated gas tariffs are already climbing 3.9% in October 1st. According to the Journal du Dimanche 2, the price would still down 3.6% since the beginning of the year, could undergo an increase of 2% to 3% in November. After

cacophony of early summer – which saw Ségolène Royal3, the Minister of Energy announced the cancellation of the 5% increase scheduled for August 1, and Prime Minister Manuel Valls confirmed that the increases might well occur, but in the fall – electricity should also soon cost more. According to Le Journal du Dimanche, the Minister of Energy would try by all means to limit the impact on purchasing power electronic check payday advance. She has decided to revise the formula to calculate the price. An improved


This format change was planned, but it would intervene only 2015 The new calculation must take greater account European market prices are falling, which would limit the increase to about 2% instead of 5% according to the ministry. The process to approve the new method, however, could take at least two months, and therefore may not apply to the calculation of an expected increase to 1 October. JDD

also notes that blocking the increase could be short-lived. By the end of 2014, the assessment of production costs of nuclear plants should be reviewed, portending further increases next year. The Department of Energy itself admits he could still miss 5% in 2015

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Sunday work: Parliament enters the loop


on Sunday work. "In the future law on growth, the issue of Sunday work will not be discussed in general terms, but only in tourist areas. This does not justify the use of ordinances, "said Thursday Jean-Marie Le Guen1, Secretary of State for Relations with Parliament, confirming a report echos.fr2. Last Friday, Matignon had announced that the future legislation on growth would include orders "for example on the Sabbath." The services of the Prime Minister had said that the use of this procedure, which limits the powers of Parliament, would be less important to the other part of the text, that the regulated professions. But this ad

passing by orders had caused a stir. For it was to disregard Parliament on a sensitive issue. Furious, Claude Bartolone, President PS Assembly, told the Summer School PS last weekend, "Valls did not mention me, so for me it does not exist!" "I am not so favorable", added Jean-Christophe Cambadelis, the first secretary of the PS, Sunday BFMTV.

The executive has decided, on this point, to listen to his majority. He also promises to consult the social partners. The reform should be guided by the report of December 2013 Bailly A report proposes that the tourist areas where stores are open on Sundays are redefined by consultation and that employees are entitled to counterparties.

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Nespresso will share some secrets


It's the end of a long standoff between Nespresso and its competitors has decided that the Competition Authority. The Sages of the Rue de l'Echelle validated the commitments made by the Nestle subsidiary following complaints from two market players, Demb (Gold Espresso) and Ethical Coffee Company (ECC) to impede competition. The latter accused Nespresso practices encouraging users of its machines to buy only its own brand capsules. After three years of proceedings, the Authority decided to close the "record" Nespresso.

The commitment made by the spring1 Nestle subsidiary were "substantially improved" according to the Authority. Thus, Nespresso will communicate to its competitors the information related to its new machines "at least four months" before being placed on their market. Similarly, the company will provide its rivals "at least five" prototype machines so they can test the compatibility of their capsules. A "trusted third party" play the role of intermediary "to avoid any transfer of confidential information." Finally, Nespresso will justify any technical modifications to its machines to the Competition Authority. More question either for the affiliate Nestlé2 to comment on competing capsules on the phone or in shops. Same thing on the packaging, which can no longer bear the words "Only the use of Nespresso capsules ensures the longevity of your Nespresso machine" or "Nespresso capsules only." Focus on services

This device restores "the conditions for fair competition in the market for capsules," says the Authority. "Nespresso, which attaches great importance to a free and fair competition, is determined to deal effectively and in strict compliance with the competition rules," assured Arnaud Deschamps, CEO of Nespresso France.

This outcome, however, may leave a bitter taste in the Nestle subsidiary, inventor of the espresso machine, arrived in France in 1991, "It's probably the first time in France that a decision of the Authority goes as far in the commitments made by a company to open its technology to third parties, says Olivier Billard, partner at Bredin Prat. The question is whether we do not go too far and if doing so is not likely to curb incentives for Nespresso to continue to innovate in the future. "

In France

Nespresso has managed to retain 85% of a market estimated at € 1.3 billion (including $ 200 million in retail) capsules. Among the last to arrive on this coveted market, American Mondelez3 with its brand Carte Noire who landed last year with a lot of promotions and advertising. Nespresso

so far refused to play the besieged fortresses. He is sticking to its focus on the high end and services. Among its recent initiatives, the launch of self-service terminals to purchase pods outside shops. After tests in Switzerland and Spain, the first "cube" was launched in July BHV Marais, Paris.

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Franck Riboud: "We can build alliances to compensate for the size of the group"

 Franck Riboud

reflects on the evolution of the governance of Danone and his vision on the future of French dairy giant, water and infant nutrition payday loan.

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The scandal of credit insurance bounces at City


One of the biggest banking scandal just keeps bouncing back in the UK. Since 2011, banks paid about 16 billion pounds (20 billion euros) in compensation to individual customers victims of forced sales of insurance policies. In total, they treated 13 million complaints about unsolicited sales contracts related to loans (payment protection insurance, PPI). It was, for example, unemployment insurance or disability touted authority customers, often unwittingly, when solicited credit. These fonts, including 45 million copies were sold between 1990 and 2010, were sometimes not justified because the borrower was already unemployed or disabled. Or hidden clauses prevented beneficiaries to be covered in case of need.

The UK financial regulator FCA1 (Financial Conduct Authority) has ordered banks to review 2.5 million consumer complaints already processed, which does were not compensated adequately. "Ensuring that all those who have been abused selling PPI are treated fairly and reimbursed if necessary is an important step to rebuild confidence in financial institutions," explains the CFA. The scandal

short since 2007 Having been reluctant to respond, banks have been forced by a decision of the High Court of Justice in 2011 that made jurisprudence. So they expected to spend a few billion pounds, the bill has continued to soar. The most affected is the bank Lloyds2 who provisioned alone 10 billion pounds (12.5 billion euros) to meet the compensation demanded by its customers. Fraudulent Practices

among SMEs

Recovery of amounts wrongly paid has become a business in itself. The City has hired hundreds of people to carry it out. British households are familiar with automated phone calls informing them that they can get money by pressing the 5 key if they have taken out credit in past years. More than 5 million letters were sent to potential victims of the scandal borrowers who have not yet filed an appeal. Their compensation could cost 15 billion extra pounds to banks over the next three years. The PPI

have long been the main source of profit for financial institutions. Forced sale is one of the many scandals in the reputation of the City in recent years. While they swindled individuals, Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds and RBS did the same with SMEs, to whom they have sold fraudulent sophisticated financial products, the "swaps" meant to cover changes in interest rates, contrary to the regulations. The big names in the London market were also involved in the business of handling Libor3 rates, exchange rates and suspected of similar practices in the markets for gold and metals.

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