Summer turned to the European stock exchanges


Geopolitical tensions and bad news on European growth have depressed markets this summer. But while Wall Street1 rebounded since August 8, which allowed American stock index erased or less the accumulated losses since early July, the stock markets of the euro area, they, struggling to recover. Paris and Frankfurt are still in the red. The Italian stock market dropped more than 7% since July 1.

International investors, who had placed continuously capital in Europe in the first half, backed off. They took out of the European places 7 billion since July 9. Moreover, among the world's leading managers, it is fashionable today to advise clients to steer clear of the values ​​of the Old Continent "This year we expect so little growth in the euro area than any shock could be fatal. With a very high and with budget cuts forced unemployment States, it will take time for the economy to find a stride. This encourages investors to be cautious "says Frédéric Rollin advisor investment strategy at Pictet AM. Markets

rely on the ECB

Not to mention that after several years of rising European equities are no longer sold off and the good news coming soon on the side businesses payday loan. "Their sales do not increase. They save their profits by lowering costs to bolster their margins, but it is not sustainable long, "notes Patrick Moonen, strategist at ING IM.

The markets will therefore need a little help to regain hope. "The BCE2 intervene in one way or another," predicts Patrick Moonen. Meanwhile, it is the decline in the euro, which occupies the minds. "It will support corporate earnings in the third quarter," said Gilles Guibout, head of European equities at Axa Framlington. Analysts could then begin revising their earnings forecasts upward, who kept them for months to revise downward.

"But what really would help Europe is that the euro, with the tightening of rates in the United States, passes under 1 30 dollar, "said Frederic Rollin. Many managers are already counting "on accelerating global growth, led by the United States and emerging," says Gilles Guibout. European markets would benefit as well.

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Data from 4.5 million Americans stolen by hackers


Social Security numbers, complete identities, addresses … The pirates made their market data stored by Community Health Systems (CHS), the second medical empire of the United States. It manages more than a hundred hospitals around the country. Hacked from its database, the company lamented the theft of information-not médicales- 4.5 million patients.

Committed in April and June, the attacks were performed by a group of Chinese hackers, according to the company. "Unfortunately, we have been in contact with many American companies that have been victims of highly sophisticated criminal cyber-attacks from China," said a spokeswoman for CHS Bloomberg1. However, no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, although the latter is described as "sophisticated", experts have highlighted the lack of CHS precautions in protecting patient data, these n 'eg being unencrypted. No claim

A spokesman for the FBI, said that "significant" resources would be used to 'target, disrupt, dismantle and stop "the culprits. This attack is just the new episode of a long series of incidents committed against various American companies or institutions, the authorities attributed to Chinese hackers. Last year, the computer security company Mandiant -at which CHS has appealed to detect other faults in its system informatique- published the results of a survey of six years2 to identify those responsible for cyber attacks recurring. A group of Chinese hackers that Mandiant baptized APT for "advanced persistent threat" (in French "advanced persistent threat"), would have targeted companies in the fields of finance, aerospace and automotive.

Blamed by the American authorities, the Chinese government reiterated through its embassy in Washington that "Chinese laws prohibit cyber crimes any form "and he does" everything it can to combat this kind of activity. " "Wear unfounded accusations is not constructive and does not contribute to a solution to these problems," said a spokesman. No

claimed, this series of attacks yet obscure targets. He might as well be cyber espionage aimed at destabilizing the competition than hacktivism to provide a government levers in negotiations with the United States. But more than anywhere else on the Internet, looks can be deceiving. "It is technically easy to hide behind IP addresses from another country and leave typical of a certain nationality to guide the experts' findings characters," says Fabien Duchene, PhD in computer security. Hackers at work on the Web could therefore simply try to poison relations between China and the Americans. For now, without success.

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Pierre Gattaz changes tone with government


Remember, there is one month, the chairman of Medef1 Pierre Gattaz let go, in an interview with Le Figaro 2: "The economic situation in France is catastrophic." This statement did not fail to irritate deeply François Hollande and the government had accused Peter Gattaz3 to throw oil on the fire unnecessarily. "If you pull the alarm, everyone treats us pessimistic or arsonist, and accuses us of playing against our camp. As if to say the truth even if it hurts, was 'hopeless', "he replies today in a blog note.

In four weeks, the country has not yet returned to the path of growth. But within ten days of summer schools which participate MEDEF Prime Minister Manuel Valls, the boss of bosses has not seen fit to once again lobby the government and to weaken against the slingers Socialist Party (PS). Pierre Gattaz feared, indeed, a new criticism of the policy of Manuel Valls sided with the left wing of the PS and cancels the progress it has obtained from the government. In this note blog4 titled "France can bounce back," Pierre Gattaz therefore decided to appease. One way to meet the Finance Minister Michel Sapin, who has encouraged companies to more investir5. "We give them money to invest, hire, innovate. They must take this chance, "Has he told Liberation. Social and economic return of government promises more than hectic.

"France must stop complaining, to wait, to move, to learn, react"

The president of MEDEF, Pierre Gattaz

Pierre Gattaz greet again, the responsibility pact announced by François Hollande6 in January. "The agreement is the right solution. On this point, the government does the right thing and going in the right direction. For once, let's face! ". Like last month, he reminded, however, that the pact will not be enough. We must go beyond. Must be weighed on levers that can boost growth and not budget (we all know them: the thresholds, work on Sundays and evenings, sector locks, etc.). " While

France only revive his growth7 Pierre Gattaz says that "France is a great country with entrepreneurs, teams, employees, skills … but it should [...] stop complaining, waiting, move, learn, react.

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 Benoît Hamon and Genevieve Fioraso promise revaluation of grants based on social criteria

The French government announced on Sunday a modest revaluation of scholarship students when Unef published a survey showing that the cost of a year of study in higher education has cost 2% more than the year écoulée1 National .L'Union students from France in this survey underlines that increased rents and increased mandatory costs such as registration fees and social security contributions have increased the cost of student life four times inflation. The union also denounced in a statement released Sunday gel scholarships for 640,000 students involved.The UNEF therefore requires upgrading in September scholarships to match the rising cost of living, or 2%, and the release of 200 million euros, including increase of 50 euros per month, 550 euros The maximum amount of the grant to achieve the amount of a RSA.Le Minister of Education, Benoît Hamon, and Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research, Genevieve Fioraso have Sunday responded by promising the revaluation of all grants based on social criteria to 0 payday loans guaranteed no fax.7% in September 2014, which is above inflation over the year (0.5%). "This is a strong decision in favor of the purchasing power of students," they say in a communiqué.Ils confirm the continuation in 2014-2015, the reform of student grants committed in 2013 that will result in particular from September the creation of 77,500 new annual scholarships 1.000 for students from lower middle classes receiving no help so far. "In total, over three years, it is 458 million of additional investments by the government to student grants based on social criteria," explain and Geneviève Hamon ils.Benoît Fioraso recall that 40,000 additional student housing will be built during the quinquennium and insist that the revaluation of the registration fees will be the lowest for 10 ans.Hors payment of dues of student social security registration license in September 2014 and will amount to 184 euros, an increase one euro compared to 2013, the masters of EUR 256 (+ 2 euros), and the PhD to 391 euros (+ 3 euros).

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A 1962 Ferrari sold for $ 38 million, a record

Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta 1962 smashed the record for the most expensive car sold at auction, reaching $ 38 million at an auction in California, reported local media. This

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta sold at auction last night for $ 38 million – a new record.

?? ForbesLife (ForbesLife) 15 August 20143 The previous record was held by a Mercedes-Benz W196 1954, acquired for $ 30 million last year in England. The Ferrari auctioned during the "Week of the automobile" in Monterey near San Francisco, is a red two-seater from Maranello Rosso collection. Its first owner was françaisPremier car owner, the French racing driver Jo Schlesser the étrenna during the Tour de France Automobile in 1962 with compatriot Henri Pillow, according to Bonhams, which organized the sale direct payday lenders. Pillow was killed in October of the same year during a race at the Circuit de Montlhery, south of Paris. After the accident, the Ferrari was acquired by Fabrizio Violati, a member of a wealthy Italian family. He used it for years to participate in races. The person responsible for the sale of Monterey, Robert Brooks, did not reveal the name of the buyer. Among the famous people who own a Ferrari 250 GTO listed including Ralph Lauren and Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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The rebound in employment, it is not for now


"Facts are stubborn things," said Lenin. Effectively. Now impossible to hide Michel Sapin1 longer the economic slump in which France and is continuing, as is his habit to always repaint life in pink: zero growth in two consecutive quarters, a disinvestment accelerates, a trade that does not pick up, unemployment beating monthly records … We are very far from "recovery" or "reversal" repeatedly announced as imminent by Francois Hollande. No, the facts are indeed stubborn and they contradict each month a little more effective economic policy carried by the head of state for over two years.

True, as the executive repeated for weeks, Europe has a small share of responsibility for this national insolvency. And posted zero growth in the second quarter eurozone atteste2, as the decline in GDP of 0.2% recorded by the Germany3, yet "the great locomotive" of the Union, as recalled yet After this morning, as a snub to our neighbor so quick to send us back to our 22, the French finance minister. Worse

if France has not plunged into the red in the second quarter4, it is only through household consumption, particularly to energy costs which jumped 3.5% over three months (the famous catch mild winter effect). And, contrary to what one might think at first analysis (the government is sure to be welcomed as a minimum and to see the result of his policies), the rebound shy of employment on the same period5 (15,300 jobs after 21,700 between January and March) does not bode well at all from tomorrows. And, for at least four reasons. The famous

lag between growth and employment

First, we must realize at least 1.5% annual growth to create jobs and start reduce unemployment. It is, again, far away bad credit pay day loans. The carryover to 2014 is also dropped to 0.3% in the second quarter and Michel Sapin even reduced to 0.5% (against 1% previously) the growth forecast for the whole of government the year. Insufficient to expect any rebound rate.

Second, there is a small gap between the growth achieved a quarter and its effects on employment. This period is an average of six months. Short, and some 15,000 jobs created between April and June are the result of the slight increase in growth during the fourth quarter of 2013, which had emerged up 0.3% over three months. And we can already say that the second half will result in net job destruction, boomerang first two quarters of 2014 completely unstressed.

Third, the jobs created in the second quarter have been overwhelmingly (82% of them) in the interim, which stop playing yoyo since the beginning of the crisis. He has only to look at its evolution from six months to be convinced: 26,200 between January and March, and 12,500 of April-June Yet the two quarters followed the same progression of growth: zero! The acting has in fact become the first variable adjustment of employment in the economy, employers need to adapt their workforce mainly through this. Quarto

except the bug SFR August 20136, unemployment has experienced one month drop since the election of François Hollande7 ( It was last October) and there is no indication that the reflux is for now. Again, it is rather the opposite. While the number of new job seekers pointing at employment center averaged 5,000 per month at the end of 2013, it is ironed in June to more than 15,000. A threefold in the space of just six months. A sort of inversion of the curve, but not in the desired direction and promised …

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Taxes: How to negotiate a payment period with the IRS?


More and more taxpayers are struggling to meet their tax1. Although in principle the fisc2 does not grant deferred payment, exceptions may be made to defer or stagger the recovery of amounts due to the State. •

In which case an application may be performed? If

down 30% or more of its income from the previous year, a taxpayer has the opportunity to benefit from sprawl payments.

If problems related to "life events", such as separation, an accident that resulted in a disability, long-term illness or death of a spouse, a request without charge can be made. •

Who must submit an application?

The taxpayer in whose name the tax must be paid to claim the education period. If it is not possible to do so, he must give a mandate to a party so requests in its place. This mandate is a simple proxy on paper, signed by the original applicant, which appear all the information necessary for identification of the taxpayer and the tax associated with it. Some third

do not need a formal mandate to perform this request. The spouses who file a joint tax members of the ownership or the heirs of a deceased taxpayer spend a warrant. •

How do you apply?

The best is yet to notify the fiscale3 administration before receiving his tax forms, although the application can be formally made that 'from the onset of the recovery phase of the tax. Then it can be done at any time, without specific time requirement, although it is preferable to make the deadline for paying taxes or risk unnecessarily irritate the administration on who you ask within. The site

Tax states that applications "can be written (regular mail) or oral (in this case, visit card is written by the service taxes and signed by the taxpayer). "

For taxpayers whose incomes have fallen by 30% or more, a spécifique4 form must be completed before the deadline for payment of taxes. •

Who to send the application?

In general, the application must be made to the service, the place of taxation is dependent, that is to say, most of the time the center of public finances. If the request

more specifically a tax that must be paid to the Treasury or the delivery of the additional 10%, the request should be directed cash advance no faxing. Like the dedicated form to requests from taxpayers whose incomes have suffered a drop of 30% or more. The site

Tax also states that with regard to "the taxes set by the Fiscal Control Department (DIRCOFI) as well as national leadership or specialized, the application may also be addressed to the Director in charge of this department. " •

What conditions must be met?

Each situation is considered on a case by case basis, depending on the actual taxpayer's ability to pay (income, assets, allowances reported to procurement indispensable for everyday expenses and tax debt). It is advisable to add to any application parts that can justify: certificates of pay or benefits in case of lower revenues, an act of divorce or break PACS in case of separation, for example.

In return for a payment facility, the tax authorities may be able to demand guarantees, such as a mortgage if the applicant owns or bond bank if it is not. • Demand

Is precedent of paying taxes?

No way. This means that if the applicant does not pay his taxes on time without receiving another frame from the tax department, he must pay default interest, although he made an application for sprawl payments.

But mostly, the book does not claim the additional 10% for late payment. •

How quickly the response arrives she?

The government has two months to respond positively to the request. After this period, it is automatically deemed rejected.

If they are particularly complex, this period may be extended to four months but the administration must inform the applicant before the expiration of two months. •

What if the application is rejected?

In case of refusal of the administration, the taxpayer has the opportunity to challenge the decision through administrative appeal (appeal) or by a court, a Once it has exhausted all administrative remedies. It may then request an appeal for abuse of power in the courts.

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A chic London street taken over by Norway


Savile Row, the famous street of tailors luxury London is no longer British-owned: she was acquired, along with several other nearby arteries, the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund, Norges Bank Investment Management. To rule out 86 competitors attracted to this prestigious piece of real estate puzzle of the English capital, the fund has partnered with the Crown Estate, the leading real estate portfolio of the British crown, whose assets are estimated at 11.9 billion euros. It has provided € 411.6 million for 57.8% of the Pollen Estate while the Crown Estate has purchased 6.4% to 45.6 million euros. Real Estate Empire

shares this space of 14 hectares located in the district includes 43 properties Mayfair1, including many art galleries and the main London shopping Burberry, Chopard and Vivienne Westwood. They were owned by the Church Commissioners, the investment portfolio of the Church of England, valued at 6.2 billion euros. Evidence of the complexity of cutting the London property, the Pollen family preserves 25.8% of the Estate and the Foundation of Greenwich Hospital 10%.

With this acquisition, the Norwegian fund continues to expand his real estate empire, safe investment, if any. He began his international real estate diversification in 2011 by acquiring 25% of Regent Street2 from the Crown Estate for € 530 million. He then spent € 702.5 million for 50% stake in the Paris properties Axa Real Estate, the real estate investment arm of the French insurer, before investing in New York, Boston, San Francisco and Zurich.

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Etihad adds Alitalia to his list of conquests


Italians will have to get used to it: now uniforms hostesses Etihad1 with the little white veil over their cap, rub shoulders more often the more traditional green tailors their colleagues Alitalia2. And tourist attractions of Venice, Rome and Sicily are now connected to the capital of US3 Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, home to Etihad Airways. The arrival

Etihad in Alitalia capital was finally concluded on Friday in Rome after a year of tough negotiations. "I always said it would be difficult but not impossible", said Roberto Colaninno non-executive Chairman of Alitalia at a press conference. He says he has long been recognized that the UAE would be the best place to Alitalia. "We can teach them the Mediterranean culture where civilization was born," he says emphatically. Proposals

jobs in Abu Dhabi

The company Abu Dhabi takes 49% of Alitalia recapitalized by paying 560 million euros. The debt of around one billion euros was restructured in parallel. In all, the bailout will claim € 1.7 billion by 2017, at which the accounts should be balanced. In total 1,600 jobs could be lost. Chairman of Etihad opened the door to personal – pilots and engineers – Alitalia interested to work in Abu Dhabi. Alitalia

is the eighth and most important stake in Etihad carried by a foreign airline. So far, Etihad had set his sights on Air Berlin, Air Seychelles, Aer Lingus, Virgin Australia, Air Serbia, Darwin Airlines and Jet Airways, taking stakes still below 50%. This time

Etihad has "hooked" one of the oldest and largest European companies. James Hogan4, Chairman of Etihad said on Friday he expected to create a bridge between Italy and Abu Dhabi. New lines

between Venice and the UAE

In the coming months, new lines should connect directly Venice and Catania, in Sicily, in Abu Dhabi. However leader wanted spare the Air France-KLM group, who had refused to take charge of the rescue of Alitalia. James Hogan stressed the importance of partnership between Alitalia and Air France-KLM. He also indicated that the Skyteam alliance was strategic for the Italian company. Remarks intended to reassure the leaders of the Franco-Dutch group who fear that the means of Alitalia are mainly used to feed the Etihad hub in Abu Dhabi whereas until now the Italian company played a crucial role in the transatlantic routes established with Delta and Air France-KLM.

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Who are the Elders of the Constitutional Council?


The role of the Constitutional Council since its creation in 1958, is to check the conformity of laws with the Constitution. The site of the institution précise1 that "the Constitutional Council is not a supreme court over the Council of State and the Supreme Court," the two highest levels of the judicial and administrative orders. It is based on the principles of the Constitution and since 19712, the 1946 Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The Council consists of nine members, each appointed for nine years and appointed by the President, the Senate President or the President of the National Assembly. Each of these figures means a member every three years. Former presidents are also life members and serve from 2004

This appointment system explains the current composition of the Constitutional Council. Of the nine members, three were appointed in 2007, three in 2010 and three in 2013 until 2011, the right was a majority in the Senate and the National Assembly, under the presidency of Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy. The six members appointed in this period have been by personalities of the UMP. Thereafter, the left has won for the first time the majority Sénat3 in 2011 and to the National Assembly in 2012, after seeing his candidate Francois Hollande becoming president. She was able to appoint three members of the Board in 2013 A new trio will be appointed in 2016, according to new Senate elections scheduled for September prochain4.

Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, the only former president to serve

The Board However, twelve members in total, including former heads of state of the Fifth Republic. Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy are members of law and life. However, not all sit: in 2011, Jacques Chirac has suspended its participation in the Council 5 and asked that its benefits be suspended 11,000 euros. The former president was then placed under investigation for "breach of trust, illegal interest and misappropriation of public funds" when he was mayor of Paris and suffered from health problems documented by specialists. He never returned rue de Montpensier, headquarters of the Council, although nothing in empêche6.

Two years later, Nicolas Sarkozy announced in turn the end of his participation in the Council. Following the invalidation of his campaign accounts, the former president had expressed his desire to "resign" 7. The statement is meant to be great, although it does not cover any reality: a life member can stop to sit, but retains its position of principle. Only Wise appointed may leave office. A compulsory retirement could possibly affect a member of law in case he loses his civil rights and policy8.

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